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Light Up Your Life Programme

Recharge your energy, lose weight, reclaim your mind, reduce your stress, improve digestion, balance hormones and sleep like a boss babe!

Light Up Your Life

The LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE PROGRAMME is a self-paced course, done via an online hub where all the information can be downloaded, in your own time.

You will be guided via videos through specific modules in this journey of fetching your life.

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Are you struggling?

Feeling tired, unproductive, bloated, and moody? 

Do you have trouble getting a full night’s rest, or feel wiped out even when you do sleep? 

What about your appetite? Do you crave sweets or feel snack-y throughout the day?  

Does your mind feel like it’s jamming through jelly or your brain fumbling through fog?

Are your moods less stable than you’d like to admit? Do you feel anxious and high-strung?

Finding yourself with no energy to exercise?

Let's address the issues

You are not alone if you feel like your health is tripping up your life.

You’ve probably tried many different things like restrictive diets and medications with side-effects without much success. 

Ever considered that inappropriate light exposure might be the reason for your chronic tiredness, weight loss struggles, poor sleep, digestive troubles, hormone imbalances etc?

But take heart! I have good news. You can reverse disease and reclaim your health through some of the simplest health protocols.

The Khanya Wellness LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE programme will help you break away from conventional methods that are keeping you unwell and lead you to implement steps that support your body’s natural healing processes!

The programme will help you reboot your body so that you can get amazing rest at night and make over your metabolism.

We’re going to RESET your body clock so that it can do what it is meant to do…without expensive medications or invasive procedures.

The Khanya Wellness LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE  programme will teach you the most basic, daily routines of our ancestors that seem to have been forgotten.

These practices will help us relearn what it means to be a healthy human who is connected to her environment and who supports her body in the way it was meant to be…before modern life got in the way.

But since we still live in the modern world, we need to find ways that will help us optimise our health without having to move to the bundus and live in huts.

Take a Sneak Peek at the Modules:

Module 1

Learn how to start your day the circadian way.

Module 2

Learn how to shield your body from “junk” light.

Module 3

Learn how to eat, when to eat and what to eat.

Module 4

Learn how to move to support your circadian rhythm.

Module 5

Learn some vital steps to getting a good night’s sleep.

Module 6

Learn how Wi-Fi may be harming your health and how you can protect yourself.

Module 7

Learn mitigation strategies to support your health against night shift work.

Module 8

Learn how to protect your circadian rhythm while travelling.

PLUS these Bonuses:

  • A Quick-Start Guide to calm any overwhelm you may feel due to the new information, dietary upgrades, and lifestyle changes. These daily stackable steps will help you dip your toes into getting circadian-aligned before you go through the full programme!


  • A Build Your Circadian Plate Guide to help you fix simple meals.


  • A Make-Ahead Breakfasts Handout for circadian-friendly breakfast ideas which you can make ahead and reheat in the mornings!


  • An Animal-Based Foods Lists to help you recognise the most nutrient dense and supportive foods.
  • A Workout Guide that will get you on the right path to circadian-supportive movement.


  •     A Circadian Clock Printable that highlights times of the day when vital bodily processes are at their most and least optimal.


  •     A Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale Printable to help you determine what skin type you have. This will help you decide how much sun exposure you may safely start with.

Here’s what others have to say:

Lalie provides a range of services which are all in the ultimate pursuit of helping you to take charge of your health. She spent time getting to understand me and my priorities and what is achievable for me so that we can set realistic goals.

 Lalie is a health coach in the truest sense. You are pursuing a better quality of life and she is there to guide, support and cheer you on. And she does that well. So keep that in mind when using her services and you'll get the most out of it.

 She helped me to prioritise eating healthy, have a healthy and effective sleep routine, and train for my first ever half marathon.

 I highly recommend her services.


It’s Your Time to Shine with the Power of the Sun! Don’t wait - your amazing, healthy, natural life is just a click away!

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