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Khanya Wellness


Get to know Lalie

Fun Facts About Me

  • I am an endurance runner for free therapy and learning metaphors for life and spirituality.
  • I’m a committed introvert and minimalist but I have a more outgoing family that doesn’t mind clutter.
  • I’m a wife and home-educating mother of two fabulous children.
  • I have a dream of a homestead life.
  • I used to be an attorney but I’ve pivoted to a new career as a health coach.

Change is what we’re all about at Khanya Wellness so we can become better, stronger, history-making women.

How I got started

My quest for better health

I’ve been into health and wellness since childhood. I was that child who read ingredient labels and devoured Reader’s Digest magazines to satisfy my curiosity about health and nutrition. As a young adult, I suffered significant health challenges including rheumatoid arthritis, IBS, disordered eating, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, and fatigue. It felt like I was living in a hole I could not escape from. The conventional health advice out there was no help. Thankfully, I didn’t give up on myself. I kept searching and wasn’t willing to settle for band-aid solutions.

A new journey

Becoming alive again!

I have traversed the dietary landscape, experimenting with approaches such as veganism, Weston Price, paleo and more recently ketogenic and carnivore. These days I no longer subscribe to diet labels, but eat a clean, seasonal, whole foods diet. This has become even more pertinent in view of what I have learned about circadian health, and how our relationship with light is more important than rigid dietary rules. It has been a taxing journey, but after much trial and error and significant lifestyle changes, I am now on a trajectory where I actually feel happy, peaceful and alive. If I can do it, so can you! I want to help you come to the same place where you’re full of life and energy without losing your mind, wasting your money or living on rabbit food! 

When your body is properly recharged, you may be surprised to find that you:

Keep the lights on in your life! Say goodbye to brain fog, lethargy and fatigue.

Say a bold HELLO to energy, longevity, vibrancy, verve, a strong mind and a healthy body!

Is this you?

Not just for anyone

I would be immensely privileged to help you reclaim your energy and zest for life. Sister, it’s time to recharge your data bundles, to light up the fire in you so you can enjoy your body and mind and live a fulfilling life that adds value. 

BUT… this is not just for anyone. The Khanya Wellness way is only for the woman who: